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Croak – Or The Unexpected Joys And Perils of Singing

Olivia's Aria by Maria Kallionpää was premiered at the Pori Opera Gala on the 25th Nov. 2016 by sopran Anna-Kristiina Kaappola and Pori Sinfonietta. Olivia Puppet by Viktor Antonov, Puppeteers Anna Nekrassova & Jenni Rutanen.

Olivia, the heroess of the first large-scale puppet theatre opera in the Nordic Countries. Her role will be sung by sopran Anna-Kristiina Kaappola. The prototype for the puppet is designed and made by Viktor Antonov and operated by the puppeteers Anna Nekrassova & Jenni Rutanen. Produced by Poike & Pori Opera. Photo: TPL 2016.