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We’re planning a Creative Europe Culture Project!

AV-arkki – The Center for Finnish Media Art has received Next Generation EU Funding 2022–2023 to build a project plan and a network for a European programme, where artists and producers of artists’ moving image and media arts develop international collaboration, co-productions and distribution in interaction with the fields of film, visual arts and media.

AV-arkki has named producer Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo from Poike Productio to find partners and to coordinate the Creative Europe application.

The need and motivation has risen from learnings and benchmarking in international film forums, which effectively promote and strengthen the film industry, international finance, co-productions, distribution and the film-makers’ skills and networks. Such structures are mostly missing in the fields of artists’ moving image and media arts.

Simultaneously, media arts are infected by the same mega trends as film, such as Brexit, climate change, MeToo, pandemic, and challenges concerning financing in various countries.

Media art organizations are typically small and artist-driven, whereas production companies typically struggle with workload and lack of labor. Both operate on the borderlands of film, visual art and media, needing a wide range of understanding in cross-sectorial practices. The field of media arts and artists’ moving image needs more producers and production companies with different scales and profiles, also those with the will and capacity to grow bigger. DAMI – Developing Artists’ Moving Image Network builds on peer-learning, interest in co-productions, sustainability and new channels and possibilities in distribution. The network is meant to be a safe forum for professionals in artists’ moving image and media arts productions to share questions, knowledge and visions.

DAMI – Developing Artists’ Moving Image – Creative Europe Culture Project Planning in a nutshell:

Over the last sixteen months, DAMI – Developing Artists’ Moving Image network has been actively looking for the right partners and discussing the right actions for a Creative Europe project. The project plan is starting to find its form. Changes certainly occur, but if you are curious, here you can take a sneak peak at the current project plan:

What: A Creative Europe Culture Strand project aims to foster artistic creation, production and distribution of media arts and artists’ moving image by building up a one-year pilot programme for artist-directors and producers to develop their media art works under process. We’re heading to a small-scale Creative Europe project with the minimum of three European countries involved, and the maximum of 200.000 euros financed with 20% of self-financing.

Where: The pilot programme takes place in CPH:DOX Film Festival in Denmark and in Doclisboa Documentary Film Festival Portugal, as well as on-line.

When: The Creative Europe application deadline is on January 23, and the decisions are made around July 2024. The pilot-programme is planned to run from spring to autumn 2025.

Why: This project plan has risen from the realisation that artists’ moving image and media-arts’ cross-sectorial industry lack the operational structures, platforms and frameworks characteristic of the film industry. Like in film, also artists’ moving image projects would benefit from presenting and discussing the works already while in progress. 

How: The DAMI training programme offers mentoring, workshops, festival residencies, peer-learning and cross-sectorial networking to a selected group of artists and producers.

Who: The project partners are CPH:DOX from Denmark, AEMI from Ireland, Doclisboa from Portugal and Poike Productio from Finland, with Kenno Filmi and AV-arkki as collaborators.

How to join DAMI?

Send an e-mail tuuli (at), if you want to discuss the project or join the newsletter mailing list! DAMI Newsletter – Open in browser »

DAMI Newsletter.

Meet us at DocPoint Film Festival 2023, Helsinki:

Meet us at DocPoint Film Festival, Helsinki

Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo, Producer, Poike Productio, +358 50 535 8916, tuuli (at)
Hanna Maria Anttila, Director, AV-arkki, +358 40 557 0320, director (at)
Tytti Rantanen, Programme Coordinator, AV-arkki, +358 44 744 2060, programme (at)

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