Snowplay – from The Farewell to Snow Film Trilogy

Farewell to Snow
Photos: Sanni Priha.

Original title: Lumileikki – trilogiasta Jäähyväiset lumelle
Genre: Documentary
Duration: appr. 15’
Script: Sanni Priha & Jarkko Kela
Director: Sanni Priha
Script: Finnish Film Foundation / Eero Tammi
Development: AVEK Mediarata
Production: Kone Foundation
Artist grants: Kone Foundation,
Finnish Cultural Foundation.
Filmed: 100%
Phase: In post-production
Forums: Ji.hlava New Visions Forum: Europe 2022
Premiere: 2024, not fixed
Producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo /
Poike Productio

Snowplay tells about the joy, vitality, and pleasure that human beings get from snow. A transformation takes place in a poet who throws herself into playing with snow. The play leads the poet to explore and expand her understanding of the relationship with nature, its sensuality and erotic energy.

Download Snowplay Poster (lowres 2,3 Mb)

Snowplay poster.