Snowline – from The Farewell to Snow Film Trilogy

Photo: Sanni Priha.

Original title: Lumiraja – trilogiasta Jäähyväiset lumelle
Genre: Documentary
Duration: appr. 15’
Script: Jarkko Kela & Sanni Priha
Director: Sanni Priha
Script: AVEK
Development: Finnish Film Foundation / Iris Olsson
Artist grants: Kone Foundation
Filmed: 20 %
Phase: In development
Forums: Doc Lisboa Nebulae 2023
Premiere: 2024–2025, not fixed
Producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo /
Poike Productio

In the spirit of science fiction, Snowline asks what does snow say about its own existence. According to scientists, we can read the journey an individual snow crystal has taken before reaching the Earth. Changes in weather cause ongoing snow metamorphosis. The studies weave into measurement timelines, archived since the early 20th century. The meaning of over a hundred years’ data expands temporally and geographically due to climate change.