Farewell to Snow – A film trilogy

The Snow Trilogy, photo: Sanni Priha.

Farewell to Snow
Photo: Sanni Priha.

Original title: Jäähyväiset lumelle
Genre: Documentary
Duration: appr. 3 x 10’
Script: Jarkko Kela & Sanni Priha
Director: Sanni Priha
7,600 € (2 x Script / Finnish Film Foundation / Eero Tammi)
4,000 € (Development / AVEK Mediarata)
14,000 € (Kone Foundation)
Artist grants (Kone Foundation,
Finnish Cultural Foundation)
Filmed: 30%
Phase: 2 parts in development,
1 part in early script writing
Forums: Ji.hlava New Visions Forum: Europe 2022
Premiere: 2024, not fixed
Producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo /
Poike Productio

As the snow line has retreated further and further north, the increasing internal migration in Finland is southward. Thus, a new generation has been born in a short period of time, for whom identifying animals from snow tracks, or playing in the snow are inaccessible – a kind of ethnography and exoticism of the North. The snow trilogy preserves for future generations the affects, knowledge, customs and playing that are disappearing as the snow melts. In parallel, new ways of relating to our nonhuman companions are arousing.