Trees – Portraits of trees in the old psychiatric hospital park

Trees, photo: Henrietta Lehtonen.

Photo: Ville-Veikko Heinonen.

Original title: Puut
Genre: Expanded installation
Duration: appr. 14 x 10’
Script: Henrietta Lehtonen
Director: Henrietta Lehtonen
DOP: Ville-Veikko Heinonen / Alasinmedia
4,000 € (Script + Development / AVEK)
6,000 € (Finnish Cultural Foundation, Pirkanmaa Regional Fund)
17,000 € (Arts Promotion Centre)
6,000 € (Raimo Anttila Art Council)
Budget: 34,000 €
Filmed: 90%
Phase: In production
Premiere: Tampere University Hospital 2024
Producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo /
Poike Productio

How to transfer the atmosphere and the beauty of the 100-year-old Pitkäniemi psychiatric hospital park to the brand new building of the central hospital? The Trees installation documents lindens, maples, birches and apple trees, portraying the wisdom and personality of the aged plants.