Ancestors An immersive installation by Hanna Haaslahti.

Photo: Hanna Haaslahti / Fantomatico.

VRDays’ Immersive Tech Week Impulse 2022.

Original title: Ancestors
Genre: XR Installation
Duration: appr. 30’
Script: Hanna Haaslahti
Original concept:
Hanna Haaslahti & Steye Hallema
Director: Hanna Haaslahti
Creative technologists:
Tyler Henry, Alap Parikh, Mike Robbins
10,000 € (AVEK Mediarata)
10,000 € (Development / AVEK /
Milla Moilanen)
Budget: 300,000 €
Phase: In prototyping
VRDays’ Immersive Tech Week Impulse 2022
IFFR Pro Immersive CineMart 2023
Premiere: open
Distributor: Diversion Cinema
Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo /
Poike Productio (production services, Finland)
Harmke Heezen / Hugh Road Stories (co-production, Germany)
Hanna Haaslahti / Fantomatico (executive, Finland)

Ancestors explores virtual reproduction with image generating technologies. Faces captured from audience members are paired to synthesize descendants, who establish families in a virtual community.

People follow together the evolution and the story of their virtual family genealogy. The narrative proposes to rethink how families are socially created, and what is our responsibility for future generations as good ancestors. Combining AI and narrative possibilities of real time 3D face capturing, Ancestors enables people to see their own faces mix and generate virtual families. Each Ancestors family tree will be a unique, one-time combination of the people participating.